Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Fender Bassman 5F6 Preamp

Alright ladies and gentlemen I finally had some time on my hands to relax and kick out a bunch of new layouts and since a lot of you out there have been playing around with those little Class D amps I thought I would be nice to have some more preamps based on amps we all know and love. First off the amp that gave birth to the likes of Marshall, Laney, Vox, and many others. It's the Fender Bassman 5F6. If you are unaware this is the amp that has essentially been copied and modified by every amp company.

With a switch to go between channels

With 2 separate inputs like the amp

With both channels jumpered

Note: I'm certain it will work, it's the same as the Sunn Model T preamp with modified component values, but will not mark it verified until someone builds it and verified the tone.


  1. If I build the one with the switch, then add another switch to jump over the cut in row D, will that act the same as the both channels jumpered option?

  2. The middle position of the switch is both channels jumpered.

  3. @zach These are all VERY cool! Thanks for doing them. Will these work as stand alone pedals if not used with class D amp? Thanks again!

    1. Definitely. Just it like an overdrive or run it in your effects loop so you bypass your amps preamp, basically making this the preamp to your amp.

  4. So... you just feed the output to your favorite mono amp board, then out to a nice guitar speaker, or two, or four, and BAM! ?