Sunday, 1 July 2018

VFE Old School Tremolo

Original Info:
"Our OLD SCHOOL tremolo pedal recalls the luxurious tremolo sounds of vintage tube amps. Derived from a rich sounding, but feature-limited tremolo circuit from the 1960s, we added extra range to both speed & depth controls. But we did not stop there! We added two unique circuits - one to starve the circuit to add grit & chop, and another that can adjust the speed or depth based on your playing dynamics."

You can find Madbean's PDF with schematic here.


  1. Nice one, I was seriously about to make a layout for this one in the next day or 2.


  2. Call it verified! Sounds and works exactly as it should. Used a NSL-32 since i have some. Reckon you could do this with a diy LED/LDR but didn't try that. Thanks as always Alex for the layout.

  3. Thanks for the layout!
    I found in this page some optocoupler, two of them are NSL-32. I'm a bit confused about the right one.

    1. Thank you, and forgive me, I forgot the link of the page:

      Anyway you can see the names in the details of the two products: NSL-32 and NSL-32R3. This make me confused.

    2. I think it's the 3.90€'s one.
      Banzai Music has it.

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