Monday, 19 October 2015

Death By Audio Evil Filter

Here is the layout of an unreleased DBA pedal.
You can find the original FSB tread HERE
Thanks to Anders for verifying it!

Here's the video of a clone:


  1. Cool stuff. Actually there is a video, but its a clone. Sounds great though.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! Could not find it.

  3. The problem I would have with this build is that there is so much wiring, so much that could go wrong, and unless there was dead silence I wouldn't even know it!!! After all, it's a DBA pedal, it's supposed to sound like shit.

    1. It's really easy to get confused with how the filter should sound, too.
      My first go at it ended with me burning out UAF42AP, but it still made some sound on certain settings.
      With it working perfectly; for the high pass filter, one end will be so high pitched you won't hear anything while the other end almost has an octave divider quality to it; for the low pass filter, it acts basically the exact same only opposite, plus it has more of an analog octave up sound to it.
      The band pass filter sounds kinda shitty all the way through.

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  4. How are switches wired. I just need to know where the numbers go on the switch

  5. Call this verified. Great fuzz on this and the filter is pretty good to. Not sure if the expression pedal is doing anything though.

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  7. I'm pretty sure it was officially released as I've got one in its DBA box

  8. Hey there! First, many thanks for your work.
    Are you sure about how Expression Pedal is wired? What if I want to remove the exp pedal out?
    Also, is the 4x3 rotary right? I don't see anything about how to link the other poles and side of the rotary, apparently it has soldered only 4 of the lugs.
    Thank you !