Thursday, 20 March 2014

TC Electronic Spark Booster

Another great layout from John for a modern booster pedal from TC Electronic.
Info about the original:

Rooted in Tradition, Aimed at Rebellion

Kick your playing into high gear with Spark Booster, a pedal rocking a completely clean boost and heaps of extra features for a world of tone.

    A whopping 26 dB of boost
    Gain knob for added grit and dirt
    Active EQ and toggle switch for precise tonal shaping

Kickstart Your Tone
With a full 26 dB of boost, Spark Booster delivers the juice you need for highlighting solos and nailing that killer lick or riff.

There’s So Much To Gain
The Gain knob allows you to add just a hair (or heaps) of dirt to your tone vastly expanding your tonal palette. The active 2-band EQ function as a powerful set of tone shaping tools allowing you to sculpt your tone with unprecedented precision.

Total Tonal Control
The active 2-band EQ function as a powerful set of tone shaping tools allowing you to sculpt your tone with unprecedented precision.

The mid-shift toggle allows Spark Booster to focus and amplify all those juicy mid-heavy frequencies that make guitar so great, allowing you to cut through any mix.

Add a hint of grit and compression to your sound to get the same tone and feel cranking and old tube amp beyond "are you insane?!" to induce ear-bleeding levels of guitar heaven.

Active Bass Knob
extended lows and added tightness at the turn of a knob.

drive amps to peak performance and add body, punch and grit to your gear.

Active Treble Knob
Dark and fat or sweet pristine highs with added sparkle and shimmer - the choice is yours.

Maximum You
TC drive pedals offer true bypass. It simply means that no matter what your setup or situation, they give you optimal signal integrity so the 'you' in your playing shines through with unparalleled clarity and definition.


  1. wow, never thought they had so much stuff crammed in there... cheers John K!

  2. Is that a SPDT on/off/on switch? Original has three positions.

    1. yes. center position is flat. the other two are a low mid boost at 185Hz and another at 408Hz.

  3. Hello, i'm interested in building a PCB for this one, where can i find the schematic? :D thank you!

  4. Hello, i'm interested in building a PCB for this one, where can i find the schematic? :D thank you!

  5. Hello- John, it's good to see your layouts in the main gallery. Keep up the nice work. Does anyone have a good substitute for the opamps for this one? Also, is there any chance of you posting your layout for the EQD speaker cranker? Thanks

    1. I sent IvIark the layout for he EQQ SC so he should be posting it soon.

    2. By the way John, I've sent you 3 emails now replying to yours and keep getting "Mail undeliverable" messages back. Have you received anything off me?

    3. no I haven't gotten 3, but I did get at least one of them.. are you sending them to my Verizon email account?

    4. as far as dual opamp substitutes, I would imagine a 4558, a TL072 or any decent dual opamp would sound good in it. I just used what the originals had in them.

    5. Yes Verizon, same error every time, undeliverable. It was just thank yous for the bits you were sending me, just so you don't think I'm being ignorant :o)

  6. As this is from John, I believe it should work well with bass, right? I plan to build xotic Rc boost and modify it for bass. Can somebody give a comparison between spark & RC booster? Thanks in advance

  7. the RC's bass control has a lot more low end boost available, but IMO, the TC is easily as good. IMO, the spark booster is really good at getting subtle overdrive tonse with a bass.

  8. Hi all.
    As asked above, (did not see an answer) will a 4558 or TL072 work ok in this?

  9. 3 questions:
    what does the "vr" on the top left mean?
    the "914" are 1n914 diodes, right?
    and c100k is 100k rev log, correct?

  10. Thanks a lot! Built it & it is lovely. Exactly what i was wanting. Really has some serious boost if you really crank it up. Thanks lvlark!

  11. I found a missing jumper on the layout. G:\Desktop\SparkBooster.png

  12. The switch on my build isn't doing anything.

  13. Is there anyway to remove the switch completely?

  14. I think a list of materias should be posted. Regards

  15. Would this switch be alright?

    Also, about the ICs, which would I want? 4558P, 4558D?

    What about TL702C, TL702IP?

    Any suggestions to help figure this out would be great. Thanks!

  16. I have a problem with this project,
    the controls work properly, but the signal is attenuated and not boosted...

    I use TL072

  17. Greetings!
    Built this, works great sounds great. Definitely not a good beginner project. Thnx, John love your layouts!

  18. Any dual op amp will work. I used jrc4558. Gonna try some others. Read up on op amps!

  19. Hi,
    Can you send me all Bill of Materials (also relay parts) for build the spark booster pedal?
    Thank you very much