Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Shin-Ei FY-2 Companion Fuzz with mods

Did this layout a while back and built it. Where the original FY-2 is sluggish on output level and the overall sound is quite thin and nasal, i noticed a couple of nice mods for the circuit. GGG has added simple one transistor amplifier at the output to deal with the volume issues and I<3Fuzz forum has a thread of people giving the circuit a mid scoop control. This adds a lot of versatility to the circuit. I've also included a series polarity protection. It is pretty damn wild sounding thing with slow attack and the general feel brings thick mushroom cloud to mind. Definitely over the top vintage feel to it.


  1. So if you add a 'Treble' knop, this could basically be the EQD Terminal fuzz?

  2. Definitely a great pedal. Think of the Jesus and Mary Chain - Psychocandy.

  3. Would this be possible to implement the Stupid wonderful tone control, in order to have control over high frequencies? If I'd try to do that, should I have to rip off the two 10 uf caps, 10k resistor and level pot? Thank you!

  4. What about use the 2Sc536F?

    1. Those will work fine, but the pinout is different. You need to twist the leg to use them in this layout.

  5. fuzz1 and fuzz2 wires around the wrong way
    can you post the schematic please so i can verify properly.
    built it with 2n3904's and it doesnt sound as good as some i've heard online, but better than others. sounds way to unbiased for my ears atm.

  6. My god this is loud haha. Built it with 2sc828s first, but had no sound. wasn't sure about the pinout (and out of sockets) so I threw in 2n3904.
    The realized My output wire and level were one row too far up.

    Fixed that and it fired up. Thank goodness I had the volume at 0, cause at 1 it blistering loud. Jesus and Mary Chain indeed, think Psychocandy blasting out of your stereo with your ear next to the speaker. This will be fun :D

  7. Where does lug 3 of Scoop pot go?

  8. How would I go about putting the 47nf on a switch to cut/boost the bass like the Mastotron or Contraband?


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  10. https://youtu.be/sugm6qPNrjc heres a clip i just made this. It sounds amazing i got it maxed out in the video.

  11. Hi, I'm tearing the innards from my GCB-95 and making a shin-ei fuzz wah out of it, so thanks for this layout.

    Would 2N5088 do for a low gain 2N type? I've got about 300 of them and I need to use them up somewhere.