Monday, 23 December 2013

BBE Crusher

BBE's take on one of the classics. Once again, the power supply filter cap is probably an overkill, so use 47µ, 100µ or 220µ instead of the 1000µ.


  1. Which classic is this based on?

    1. It's a Marshall Guv'nor with different values for a number of parts, and the leds are in the feedback loop of the OP amp rather than put to ground.
      I'll definitely have to give this one a try... ^^

  2. Built it, it's definitely a good one to me. The only thing is I have had to swap Bass 3 and 1, else my build would increase bass while turnnig the pot CCW.

  3. Yep, working, but I'm having a strange streak of not getting one or more pot working the right way from the start. I've got about four builds with the same sort of problem.
    On this one, Treble and Mids pot start to "work" in the last 25% of their rotation. The first 75% doesn't do anything to the tone.

  4. So, I had to go and check the pot values from an original unit and based on that;
    Treble is 10kB and Level is 100kA.
    Treble control got better with the 10kB, but the Middle pot is still acting as I mention above. The first 75% is practically doing nothing but after that it gets boosted dramatically. It's like a bumblebee in a glass jar :D