Thursday, 11 July 2013

Ibanez TS7 Tubescreamer

200th Overdrive layout!
I seem to be on the streak with Tubescreamers. This one also marks a special moment. In addition to this being 200th OD layout, i finally deciphered the original schematic which is very annoying to read (all 7-series schematics are). This one is also our first layout for the this series of pedals. The funniest thing about this particular schematic is - The "Hot mode" is pretty much what you get when you mod your TS9 to one of the well known specs. Original is still pretty cheap pedal. You should be able to get used one in decent condition for around 35€/£30/$40. Oh. Switch pin 6 is not connected.

The Ibanez Tone-Lok Series TS7 Tubescreamer Pedal is the world-famous original Tube Screamer overdrive, with something extra. A boost switch has been added for extra saturation at the touch of a button. Adjust your sound with the drive, tone, and level controls on the Tubescreamer. 


  1. The hot mode works great, but can't get saturation on ts9 side of switch, (very low volume on ts9 side).

  2. Hi, I have same problem
    plz help to fix it

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  5. if u built it just see this new layout and fix the wrong connect in 47nf cap in left bottom corner and fix it

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