Tuesday, 10 July 2018

DOD FX25 Envelope Filter

Schematic available here.
Added a second layout with Mark Hammer's mods from the DIY forum (here).


  1. thank you for schematic!
    (Flea from RHChP, hope it will sound the same)

  2. Can a 13700 be used instead of a 13600? As always, thanks!

  3. I just finished the modded version and gave it a test on my bass. The effect seems to work ok and the controls respond. When the effect hits the hardest though, there is a more than noticeable distortion there. I used a LM13600 in lieu of an 13700 though, maybe that is to blame. I'll try ordering some. In the meanwhile I will try fiddling around with Mark's mods and try to get a better effect. Thanks for the layout!

  4. If this filter pedal isn't sensitive enough (I know mine wasn't - the sensitivity knob was at full all of the time) then change D2 for a 1N34 or OA90 Ge diode.