Thursday, 18 January 2018

Death by Audio Octave Clang

There was already a layout in the forum section but not on the main page.
This version should easily fit in a 1590B box.
Original FSB thread and schematic available here.


  1. looks very interesting. Had a quick google for transformer. Ebay £20 each , Mouser £2.10 each just incase anybody struggling to find one

  2. I think the depth pot is wired backwards, but other than that, I'd call this one verified.

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  4. This looks like fun.
    Bitsbox now have the transformer up for £3.78.

  5. Replies
    1. level 3 is on your pot, it has to be the last unconnected leg.

  6. Hello ! It doesn't work, the LM741 (i used ua741) is not feed by the +9v, because no audio comes out the pin 6. Should the first 47uf capacitor have to be connected between row 1 and 3 instead 1 and 2 ?
    Thanks for your answers !

  7. Hello again, still not work, ive tried to build it again and my chip gets burned when i pluged it on 9v battery... i have checked few times during this days and i have noticed that the vcc- (pin 4) of the ua741 go throught the offset 2 (pin 5), so i add a cut between them plus a link for vcc- to the ground.
    Now it get sounds out but it's not modulated at all, density pot acts like a low pass filter and a volume.
    Anybody still here for help ?
    Thanks !