Thursday, 5 January 2017

HBE Germania

"The Germania is Homebrew's take on the classic Rangemaster treble booster from the 1960s, and offers up to 20dB of gain to drive your amp.
In its 'hi-fi' setting, you get a full range boost, but a 'lo-fi' setting offers a more focused boost in one of three frequency ranges controlled with the 3Q switch. Boost in hi-fi mode is bright, with some germanium-driven grit to it, and as you turn the knob clockwise there's a massive amount available. In lo-fi mode, the three settings offer cut in the bottom but different midrange emphasis.
This pedal works best with an amp that's already overdriven, and especially one that's dark-sounding - kick it in to take it up another level and squeeze out some harmonics - it did a fine job with our old non top-boost AC30. It's also great with a dirt pedal.
The Germania can deliver a raw and aggressive boost, but that tonal shift won't necessarily suit all amp settings, so try it out with your own." 
You can find the original FSB thread here.


  1. Awesome. might give this a whirl over the weekend. Thanks alex :)

    could any alternate ics be subbed in the place of the 7660?

  2. That's a negative voltage inverter.
    The 7660s would be your best option but you may be able to use a 1044 instead or a 1054.
    If you use a 1054 you need to add a cut between pins 1 and 8.

  3. Tag it mate!only Gain pot acts backwards. I used 12Ω in place of 10Ω. 4,2k for 3,9k and 470k for 511k. Sounds and works as it should. I like it! And it was just in time! I was looking for a germ od! Your layout is perfect as always Alex!thanks!

  4. Replies
    1. Cool!
      I've swapped pins 1 & 3.
      Thanks Savvas!

    2. Thank you Alex!!!
      Rangemasters were my first & are my favorites.
      And I really appreciate all of your efforts.
      Especially for a Rangemaster!

  5. I found out a 2N1309 also sounds pretty good in Q2. I had an OC44 in there, which sounded great until like a dumbass I thought I could carefully solder it in. Wrong. But, I had some 1309s laying around which actually sound really close to the OC44.

    1. What happened to your OC44? (I think) I can guess what, but really would like to hear your experience and conclusion based on it...

  6. I have a question about The 100u capacitor. On the FSB board I am not seeing it listed on there. Is it an extra component due to the use of an IC chip?

    1. This layout has 7660S for reversing the polarity. This method needs filtering and the 100µ is a filter cap.

      Without the dc-dc conversion, this circuit would not be usable with other pedals with power daisy chained.

    2. Great thanks for the response! Also for the dpdt switch what kind is it? (on-on etc...) I'm new to building and wanting to make this my first build

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