Thursday, 1 May 2014

Fire Custom Shop Power Booster

Request for this very nice sounding and versatile booster from a Brazilian pedal builder Fire Custom Shop.  The switch selects between clean and dirty mode.  In dirty mode it puts diodes in the feedback loop of a non-inverting amplifier, and changes the frequency response of the high pass filter at the stage.  Following that is an active Baxandall tone stack and finally a buffer stage. Should give a nice boost in a wide range of frequencies.

Info about the original:
Power Booster is designed to be a different kind of booster pedal, which could be used both as booster of gain, as volume booster and to be even more perfect in your setup included two stages of equalization, a control for bass and another control for the treble, as well as key Clean/Dirt which opens a universe of sounds.

You will be surprised with the countless ways to improve and/or modify their timbres. Try all these possibilities with the Power Booster.

The video demo is in Portuguese but the playing is international :o)


  1. I think this one is OK to tag as verified.

    The only thing I'm not sure about is the dirty mode - for my guitars (admittedly lowish output pickups) the dirt doesn't really kick in until way past unity gain - so assuming that's just the way it is, it might be worth adding a volume pot as well.

    That said, I don't need another dirt pedal, so I'm happy keeping the boost down a bit and just use it for the the volume boost, the EQ options and a little bit of "fattening". At that level, the clean/dirty switch really just acts to further tweak the tone shaping (which is nice).

    1. That's excellent thanks for verifying Simon. And yes how you describe it is what I'd expect. As you said if you tack a 100K volume pot at the end of the circuit you could use it as an overdrive pedal so it may be a worthwhile mod to get even more versatility out of it.

    2. Hey, great layout :) Could you share the schematic as well?

  2. I was beginning this one is finally verified? I build this but there is no sound. The schematic IC2 pin and C11( 1uf) ,R12( 33k) connection right or wrong. Please help !!!