Thursday, 15 May 2014

DOD FX80B Compressor Sustainer

I'm slowly recovering from some sort of an drawer's block. Simply couldn't get any layout to look decent enough to publish. Our friend Myrkky Nuoli requested this after i wrote a piece about the original unit. So i drew it and it turned out nice. It could probably be a lot more compact, but with 21x21 it's still fairly easy fit for 1590B. Built one myself and it sounds very good. It may not offer a lot of boost, but you'll notice if it's not on. For some reason this was the only youtube demo i could find:


  1. I know how you feel - I can't stand layouts I do if they don't look nice - I always just start them again

  2. HI, do you think this layout could be modified to take a side chain input to allow ducking to be implemented ? Cheers

  3. Just had this one built and it works like it's supposed to. Although, the release pot feels a bit lame :)