Saturday, 6 February 2016

Wyllie Moonrock

   This is a mysterious little octave fuzz that apparently has a very nice, dynamic sound. I looked for the original transformer and it isn't currently available at mouser. Try a TL018 and use the 10K side. Thanks to Cozybuilder, Dino, and the others that contributed to this schem at diystompboxes

   From what I've heard this will give the usual octave fuzzes a run for their money. Looks very interesting!

Montarbo Sinfhoton Highly Modified

Well I said that I would post a layout with a bunch of modifications to the Montarbo Sinfhoton based on what I've read people have already done. So without further a due.

  1. Removing the 100k resistor that's in series with D1 & D2 will increase the amount of fuzz, so you can lower it for more fuzz, raise it for less fuzz, or put it on a switch for 2 different settings. Hell, you can take and have 3 different settings using different combo of resistors.
  2. The "Focus" switch, by putting a cap to ground at the input increases the compression of the fuzz and can provide a subtle boost in output.
  3. The gain control I explained previously, but apparently putting a pot in series with the 22k or 47k resistor to ground gives a fuzz control. Johnk had used a 25k Linear pot, and raised the resistors value to 180k.
  4. Notice I used the "Later Version" to make the modified layout, this is because from reading a lot of people preferred the 2uF caps being raised to 10uF like the later version. BTW, you can use 2.2uF I just wrote 2uF because that was in the original schematic.
  5. As noted earlier, you may want to play with the 10k resistors to the transistor Collectors to set the bias right,
  6. As far as transistors go it seems higher gain transistors, >500hfe, people seemed to prefer, but I didn't read a lot about how lower transistors sounded. To me this looks like a really stripped down and modified Big Muff, essentially just the clipping stages, I would think some of the transistor tricks for the Big Muff may work out here, but no idea.

ZVEX Fuzzolo

   This cool sounding fuzz was traced by our very own Ciaran Haslett in the forum. Check the forum for Ciaran's schematic, info, and layout (which is one column smaller than mine). I noticed Ciaran requested that this be redrawn for the main site, here you go :)

Friday, 5 February 2016

Montarbo Sinfhoton

Here's a pedal that caught my eye while looking for a new fuzz. It was made by an Italian company in 68.

It's very Big Muff like in tone, but seems to have a bit more clarity in the notes, and no Fuzz control, just Bass, Treble, and Volume. In my search for the schematic I found that over time there's been 3 different versions, so I made a layout for each, and then found that a few years ago by Miro actually made a layout for the later version. My layouts are a bit more compact, has less cuts & jumpers, and I put the CLR for the LED on the board, so I thought I would still post all of them, since while they have the same feel, each sounds a bit different.

Also, through my searching I found some mods people have done, and made a massively modded layout as well that I'll post later with a description of it all.

The video compares the stock vintage unit to a clone made by Brad at Creepy Fingers. Not sure what the extra pot does, but since it's full CW I can only assume it's a Fuzz Pot.

Earlier Version

Later Version

2 Knob Version

  1. You may need to adjust the 2 10k resistors to the Collectors of Q1 & Q2 to bias the transistors  right and have it sound good.
  2. Since BC149's are hard to come by, although I've seen them on eBay, you may want to try the usual suspects with higher gain. So transistors like 2N5088/2N5089, MPSA18, BC109, BC108, etc.
  3. For the 2 knob version you may want to change the 2uF caps to 10uF caps like the later version.
  4. For more fuzz remove the 100k or 1M resistor parallel to D1 & D2. 
  5. I left out the usual 1M pulldown resistor as in all the videos I heard I didn't hear a pop from the vintage unit, so I felt it's not needed, you can always add it on the switch or just add an extra column.

Madbean Leviathan (Wampler Faux Analog Echo Delay)

Madbean's great new project based on Wampler Faux Analog Echo Delay.
Original infos available here.

This video is for reference only: