Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Friedman Golden Pearl Overdrive

I haven't done a layout for a while and as this is a nice simple one I (as I like them) I thought I'd add this to the collection. After doing it I noticed that HamishR has added a layout to the forum and that one is verified. But I thought I'd still add this to the main blog.  I did it with the components on the switches though to keep the board more simple though so you can just choose the one you prefer.

You can see HamishR's layout here:

Info about the original:

The Friedman Golden Pearl is a transparent, lower gain overdrive pedal designed to push already overdriven amps into seductive saturation. This versatile pedal can also be used into a clean amp to achieve that elusive semi-broken up tone. 
Designed to please the ultimate tone connoisseur, the responsive controls, along with the three position high-frequency cut switch, let you custom tailor the pedal to your amp. 
Even greater refinement is available via the tri-mode clipping mode switch, which provides LED, diode, or no clipping voice options. Built in the USA, and designed to withstand decades of abuse, the Golden Pearl is a must have pedal for any guitar player. 

Saturday, 16 November 2019

SoloDallas Storm

"This all-analog unit is a reproduction of the tone enhancing circuitry contained within the most widely used wireless system throughout the 1970's to mid 1980's, the Schaffer Vega Diversity System (SVDS). Emphatic users of the SVDS included Angus Young, David Gilmour, Eddie Van Halen, Carlos Santana, Peter Frampton, Peter Green, Joe Walsh, Don Felder, Elliot Randall, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir... and an endless list of legends who are responsible for some of the best guitar parts ever recorded."
Schematic available here.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Keeley Magnetic Echo

Original info:
"The Mag-Echo pedal simulates tube tape echo sounds by using the delay circuit and a little bit of modulation.  Tape echos have long been regarded as a warm and very guitar friendly form of delay.  The Mag-Echo achieves similar results by using a touch of Lo-Fi delay, a slightly filtered echo response to keep things warm, and some modulation.  Modulation, or “Wow and Flutter” in the tape world is a slight pitch shift or wavering that occurs as the tape is pulled across the heads.  The modulation we use is similar to what we use in our Seafoam Chorus, a slight wavering of pitch on the trails of the repeats.  With a simple set of controls for the delay – Time, Regen, and Level and with the “Wow and Flutter” controls – Depth and Rate you can create some very vintage or rather unique tones"
PedalPCB's schematic, info and pcb available here.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

1981 Inventions DRV

PedalPCB's schematic, info and pcb available here.
This is a buffered effect.
For true-bypass, leave out Sw 3 and connect the rest the usual way.

Friday, 21 June 2019

Fuzzrocious Ram the Manparts

From the source:

Ram The Manparts is a LM386 (a power amp chip) overdrive that we built to allow guitarists and bassists to not only drive an amp HARD, but also to add some textures and features to stand out! The voltage sag allows the user to drop the voltage below 9V, creating a glitchy, sputter, Velcro-like sound. Keep it clean, make it grindier/heavier, or make it glitchy…the choice is yours, dude. 

The pedal has since been discontinued and not the cheapest when buying used if you can find them.

On Guitar:

On Bass: