Friday, 9 December 2022

Exar HR-03 Hammer

 Another one from Vitalii's traces. This one seems quite nice modern metal distortion with reasonable frequency characteristics. Should be enough gain too. The 47K at the top (horizontal one) may be a point to tweak for even more over the top gain. Like so many of these pedals of Polish origin, this one seems to have no demos available either..

Thursday, 8 December 2022

Sarno Earth Drive

 Traced by GratefulEight, this overdrive seems like a circuit worth to try out.

From the source: The Earth Drive is the ultimate boost/overdrive pedal, designed to retain your instrument's natural character while providing an organic, full-bodied, yet transparent sound.

Use the Earth Drive as a clean boost to add warmth and smoothing, or turn up the drive knob and get a wide spectrum of overdrive harmonics and singing sustain. The Earth Drive has a huge range of boost control with its volume knob, while the tone knob helps you perfectly dial in the treble response.

Whether you play bass, pedal-steel, electric piano, electric guitar, organ, whatever, the Earth Drive is quite possibly the most useful and versatile drive pedal you've ever heard.

Wednesday, 7 December 2022

Exar DS-02 Distortion

 VitaliiBobrov is doing an amazing job in tracing Exar pedals. This Polish brand has some decent tones and lots of room for tweaking and trying things out. Once again, try to tweak the values at the inverting input to ground. And try on a different pair of diodes for clippers, etc.

No demos around for this one either...

Monday, 5 December 2022

Lastgasp Art Laboratories Green Monster Septic Fuzz

 Found this circuit from the DEFX files and thought this to be quite interesting. Discontinued circuit with noise for days. From the source:

The GREEN MONSTER septic fuzz (GM2)is an effect
pedal to create a septic distortion.

Characterized by a dirty, broken and rotten sound. Bad handling!

GREEN MONSTER is back with four knobs! There is an easy to use sound which the first GREEN MONSTER (ultra fuzz) was never able to create, but the sound is still putrifying! Genuine septic sound can be found here!

First one is close to the original...

 ...and the latter is with DEFX mods - adding a gain switch for stock and other...

Friday, 2 December 2022

Joyo Roll Boost

Nice, small and has room for tweaking - i just love to do these modern, super cheap china circuits.. Layout is according to fsb-trace by CheapPedaCollector - who does amazing job with pedals like this one.