Monday, 1 January 2018

Vox Distortion Booster V2

Since I just poster the original Vox Distortion Booster, I figured I'd post the second version while i was at it. Just like the V8161 the V2 is also a  Fuzz Face variant. The Vox Distortion Booster V2 is similarly as rare as the V8161, but being a Fuzz Face variant I'm sure we all have an idea of how it will sound.


  1. Verified.

    Sorry I do not have any digital recording equipment, so no samples, but it is not too far from a typical silicon Fuzz Face, although it could benefit from a trimmer to set the Q2 collector voltage, but then I guess then it would not be true to the original.

    I tried a range of low gain transistors, including a pair of BC108As, but the best set that I used consisted of a 2N2369 with hFe 80 for Q1 and a 2N2222A with hFe 140 as Q2, i.e. within normal Fuzz Face values.

  2. Just completed this as my first veroboard build. First I tried a pair of 2N2222As, but it sounded kind of weak and would cut the sound when the guitar signal got too low. It got a lot better with a pair of 2N3904s. Can it be that the hFe on the 2N2222As I tried was to low? I have no way of testing them.

    Only problem I have now is that I get a shreaking sound when the distortion is at max....?

    Also, is there any way to modify some component values to get it a bit brighter sounding?

    1. You could lower to 100n that connects to Volume 3 with a way lower value, like 12n.

      The issue with your 2N2222s sounded like a bias issue. Since the behaviour is gone with 3904s, you already cured it :)

      The "shreaking", could it be oscillation? If so, you could try placing a 47R or 100R in series with Distortion 1 wire.

    2. Thank you for helping me out :) I tried a 22n and i liked the result.

      After a bit of research on some Fuzz Face circuits I managed to modify the circuit by including a bias pot on Q2. I´ll try the 2222s again to check if it gets any better.

      Yeah, I think the shreaking is oscillation. Did some more research on this page, and found that someone suggested wiring small caps on base and collector on both transistors, and that helped. I´ll try the resistor on the distortion wire and see if that makes it even better. This is fun!