Saturday, 28 July 2018

Dino (aka Digi2t) needs your support!

We know this is uncommon but sometimes you need to brake the rules for more important things.
We've posted it here because (considering the urgency) it may get more exposure on the main page rather than the Forum section.
A lot of people won't know him but Dino has helped the DIY community for many years and a lot of layouts on this blog come from his schematics.
He has had some serious health issues recently and we thought he needs our community support and to know we all care about him.

Please, read this:

Thanks in advance


  1. Done! Good on you for posting this.

  2. Thanks for the notification. Deed done :)


  3. Thanks Alex, I was considering posting something on the forum but ive been busy. Glad to see the community getting behing this.

  4. Thanks Jimi Photon for the gofundme and thanks Alex for letting us know

    We’re all here for support!

  5. Good news is Dino has been discharged from hospital today

  6. Donated as well. Glad to hear discharge has occurred, thoughts go out to Dino.