Friday, 10 March 2017

Vintage Wah Extravaganza

Well as promised I've taken the and made layouts for 7 of some of the most desirable vintage wahs. You'll notice that they all look damn near identical, and that's because they're all based on the same circuit with some component differences. So instead of doing my usual description for each, I figured I'll let the videos speak for themselves.

Original Thomas Organ CryBaby


Vox Grey Wah

Vox v847

Shin Ei Wah

Maestro Boomerang BG-1


Maestro Boomerang Wah BG-2

One note about the BG-2 that makes it different from all the others. The switch allows it to go from a wah to a volume pedal.

Colorsound Wah-Wah


  1. Wow. You are amazing. Do you sleep? I picked up a couple of wah shells on Craigslist yesterday but I'm overwhelmed with choices. The shells are a Crybaby GBC-95 and Vox V847 of some sort. Both are fully intact but have "issues" according to the seller. Might even be fixable, but I think I would rather build some or your circuits. The Crybaby even has a Hot Potz 100k pot. Don't know if it works or not....

    I assume the stock inductors on these still work but are probably garbage. Still leaning toward your ultimate modded GBC-95 for the Crybaby case. What do you recommended for the VOX case?

    1. Lol. I do. I usually don't get this many layouts done this quickly, but since all of them are basically the same structure it took no time to make the change and save the new layout. Plus, been in the middle of my doctoral midterms, had 4 this week, I was doing layouts to force myself to take breaks. Lol

      Personally I think a wah, like a fuzz has to speak to you because they really have a lot of character and have to fit you, ya know? I've got 4 wahs right now, a original Hendrix, original colorsound, a vox grey(I built), and colorsound fuzzwah(I built). Each one has their own character and I love each one for different reasons.

      You could do the modded crybaby in the crybaby shell and in the box do a vox.

    2. I'll have to do up several and see what I like best. Even looking at that Colorsound inductorless design. Time to get some parts on order from Tayda.

  2. Got a dunlop hendrix crybaby. Hate it with passion. I tried to modify it, but to be sincere, I just got lost in the way... (too many trimmers without knowing exactly what to look for...)
    The inductor measured like 1100mH as well...
    Anyway, I think this could be a good chance for me to get something I like.
    One question, the shin ei wah is the same inside the shin ei fuzz wah? Cause something really wicked is coming to my head as I write this...

  3. that's on it's way, don't worry. there's 2 different ones.

  4. Is that a red fasel in the coloursound?

    1. The colorsound way never came with a red falsely inductor. You'll notice that all the layouts have the same image for the inductor. This isdepending on what inductor you use it make need more or less space, but the pins will go in the same place on the board.

  5. Other Question... Where can I get 250mH and 550mH Inductors?

  6. I have a question about inductor placement. On the diagrams it shows 4 places to put leads for the inductor, but every inductor I've encountered only has 2 leads. Even pages I've read about making halo inductors say that you can just cut off two "extra" leads because they're not used (the wire isn't soldered to them either, so I don't get their purpose unless its for an obscure ground). Would I be able to use these inductors, and if so how do I know where to solder each lead? Or does it not matter? Thanks!

  7. I have this same question, my Whipple inductor has four pins, pin 1 and 8 are the two hot ones (the others do nothing) but I still don’t know which holes they go in.